Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Break on Through to the Other Side....

Level 35 made it into the history books for Tanner last night. Honestly at the snails pace I was gathering xp I wasn't counting on hitting it any time soon. I was farming like mad only to see the xp meter creep at a barely visible rate. I got fed up when I ran through Big Ben again with a PUG and after completing it didn't see any noticeable xp. After that I opened my quest log and started completing some half finished missions. Like a match to a gasoline factory my xp rate SOARED up and within two hours I hit 35 after finishing a quest by, funny enough, Bill Tanner (no relation).

All in all, not a terribly bad night. Big Ben gave up a few good loot items that I used to cash in and start to upgrade my gear. I see the end is nearing for Marleybone and I hope to finish up Grizzleheim as well right after before moving to Mooshu.

Other than that, not a whole lot has been going on with Tanner so far this week. Despite my vow to stop leveling my pet, I have been slowly leveling Otis up. He is about at the halfway point to Ancient. I have looked at getting the mega snack packs being offered on the Crowns shop but, to me, the packs are a bit too expensive for my tastes. I like using my Crowns for long termed items (houses, clothes, etc).

Well, until next time, have a great time in the realms!