Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone have a flyswatter handy?

Because this bug just won't leave me alone.

Let me set the scene:

I'm in Grizzleheim up against Fleshrender and his random bear cohort. Fleshrender is a storm school bear and his buddy is life. We both set up for our big hits over the first few rounds. I set up my Myth blade and time of legend. Fleshrender sets up a mere storm blade and his buddy throws a life trap on me. The bears get the first strike with a Kraken and natures Wrath, both doing some impressive damage to me. My only spell available is my trusty Humungofrog. I chunk the hardy amphibian at them with the knowledge of at least doing some moderate damage to Fleshrender. I cast, the frog barfs and the damage pops over his head...

100 points

After Fleshrender stops hysterically laughing at me his cohort finishes me off, still stunned from the frog attack, with a Seraph spell two rounds later and I'm sent home packing. I should have won that fight, or at least gotten a lot farther along than I did. I tell ya, nothing is more of a mood killer to a solo wizard than a bug that severly degrades your damage which gets you trampled in fights.

Now this isn't the first time I've had this happened. Just before my week break I noticed it on a few battles. Spells that should have killed creatures without a second though are doing well below minimal damage. They acted almost as a 1 pip spell. I've asked out in my Twitter community and only one other Wizard has noticed similar issues. No reports of this on the Wizard101 page or other forums.

Am I going mad? Has anyone else seen or been victim to this bug? KingsIsle needs to check their damage meters, because something is not right here.

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