Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for a Refocus

I seem to be stuck here in the low 30's here. I've been splitting my limited time between leveling my pet(s) and solo leveling Tanner and it seems to be getting me nowhere. Tanner spent the better part of two hours last night fighting rats in Marleybone and bears in Grizzleheim only to end up with single bubble in the xp bar being filled.

Ugh. This just isn't working.

The pet games, while fun, are to me an unbearably slow xp grind. With only 2-3 hours max playtime per night it's just not proving to be of worth to me right now to spend shooting my baby Myth Sprite out of a cannon, dancing or "pac-man" mazes over and over only to go up 2-4 xp points per round. So, I made the decision to forgo pet leveling and concentrate on moving Tanner out of the quagmire known to me as level 31. I put up my Sprite and am using my adult Oni for battles for the foreseeable future. I think once I have hit the mid 40's or so and feel comfortable with the pace of my progression I will return to the Pet Pavilion.

For those of you who are working on leveling your pets, there is the Petnome Project run by fellow wizards to catalog the stats and abilities of the advanced pets as they go from baby to epic age. Make sure to load in your discoveries with your pets and help the Realms as a whole!

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