Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Minions? We don't need no stinkin' Minions"

Actually, fellow Myth mates, you do.

There has been some debate to the usefulness and worth of Myth minions. Some see them as interfering with there set ups, some don't think it's worth the pip cost(s) of using them in battles because Myth wizards usually have longer set up times for doing large damage strikes. We don't have the resists like Ice wizards, the healing of Life school or the damage dealing like the others.

Instead we have Minions.

There are 4 basic types of Minions for Myth students:

Each of these Minions have their own power and abilities that can prove very useful in combat. Plus, some of the Minions abilities can be increased by spending additional pips to bring them out. For the Troll and the Cyclops, the more pips you spend, the stronger the spells they will use.
What kinds of spells you ask? As noted on the Wizard101 Central Minion Guide, along with their 'Natural Attack', Minions have been seen casting at least the following spells:

Firecat, Bloodbat, Ghoul, Myth Blade/Trap, Sprite, FireElf, Troll, Cyclops, Storm Shark, Fairy, Snow Serpent, Sunbird, Donate Power, Tower Shield, Taunt, Elemental Armor, Spirit Armor and Thunder Snake.

The added bonus to all of these spells is they not only cast those shields, blades, traps, heals and pip donations on you and themselves, but to other members of your party! I can speak from recent experience that nothing surprises or motivates a small party more than to see a Cyclops Minion cast a healing spell on a incapacitated player, bringing them back into a Boss fight.

Now I know what you are going to say:

"But Tanner, that all may be well and good, but Minions are just one hit wonders. As soon as a NPC hits them with a 3 or 4 pip spell they are out of the picture and I have to rebuild my pips to possibly bring them out again."

Well then, instead of letting them get killed, what if i told you there was a way to buff, protect and use them in emergencies to benefit you?

If you haven't rushed through the lower areas of the game and explore a bit, you will find a friendly Mander by the name of Tish'Mah in Krokotopia. You will find this crazy Mander sitting above the secret shop where you can buy your krok pet and other items. When you exit the shop and before you portal back down to the main area, look to the left. You will see the some stairs going to roof. Tish'mah is sitting up there with a treasure trove of cards for your Myth Minions.

"But Tanner, what cards are they and how can they help my Minion and more"

Glad you asked:

Each card is 1 training point. They are not required but, like I said before, they are a good way to use your Minion more effectively.

So, the next time you are reorganizing your deck and see those sad, dust covered Minions sitting in the bottom of your pile, dust one or two off and give them a whirl. They might just surprise you.

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